Art Deco Airplane Aeroplane Table Lighter


Art Deco Plane with built in Cigarette Light, with Black trim to Cabin and propeller and Chrome elsewhere. This is the first design, 1930, for the American Company/Manufacturer, and a different plane was made for each year following. When the propeller is gently turned, the cabin flips open, sparking the flint to light the wick (no fuel at present as cannot be posted with fuel); The propeller is then “re-set”  slightly to activate the catch and the cabin then closes. All in perfect, near new condition with working flint and Propeller complete and undamaged, no repairs. The lower base has both the Fuel and flint access screws and raised markings “Flint” and “Fuel”, plus “Made in USA” and “Pat. Pend.”. Nearly impossible to find one of these, much less in such excellent condition. Dimensions are approx.: 15cm nose to tail x wingspan 12.5cm x Max. height including propeller 9.5cm. U.S.A.. 1930.