American Art Deco Hinged carved Bakelite Clamper bracelet


Early Art Deco Deep Maroon Bakelite Clamper Bangle, deeply carved and with inlaid, textured Bronze bands, offset and anchored with bronze pins to the Bakelite. The pins are the older traditional method of assembly, as Bakelite cannot be glued, but pins, screws or rivets are used. Excellent condition all over, all pins intact no damage or repairs, one of the best you will find and also in an unusual colour. Dimensions approx..: Elliptical wrist size 6cm x 4.7cm internally; band 2.2cm wide at rear to 2.3cm at front x 5mm thick at rear to 10mm thick at front; bronze stripe 4mm wide. U.S.A.. Circa 1920’s

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