A rare Jindrich Halabala Luxury glazed bar cart


Art Deco Cocktail Bar, Cabinet, Table by maker Jindrich Halabala, Referred to in the catalogues of the time as a Luxury Glazed Bar Cart. This is a very versatile piece of Furniture, as it can be used for a simple Coffee Table, or with the mirrored interior glass top and sliding dual glass doors, a display or Cocktail Cabinet. It has also a Secret drawer that can only be accessed from the front, and does not open to the rear, The draw is curved and not visible, unless from ground level; the handle appears only as a lower, black “trim” to the table. The draw is portioned into 3 areas, half probably for Cocktail instruments, and the other half is in 2 sections, probably for Cigarettes and Cigars of the day.


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