A Mid Century 9ct gold ring in a fine filligree setting with facetted heart shape amethyst


Mid Century Ring 9ct Gold with very fine Filigree, with a central Amethyst cut and facetted to Heart shape. The shoulders have 2 tapered White gold asymmetrical illusion settings holding 2, then 1 diamond as you move toward  each shoulder. All in excellent condition with no damage or wear to mention. Lots of intricate work with gold scrolls between each component in the setting. There is a clear Hallmark to the inner side rear which is identified as British and a clear “375” confirming the 9ct Gold quality; “GA” initials of the Jeweller; and other marks that are not clear. Dimensions are approx..: finger size 6 ¾; amethyst heart 6mm high x 7mm wide; Band width 2mm at rea to 6mm at shoulder before the start of the filigree; Band thickness 1mm at rear to 2mm at centre front behind the heart. England. Mid Century.

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